Frequently Asked Questions

What is AISBX?

The AISBX is a stock exchange that enables small and medium businesses and investors to trade equity in small companies around the world.

Through the AISBX the small businesses and start-ups are connected to global investors, and have the same opportunity as any company listed in a stock exchange to attract investment in their business.

The AISBX operates under the same principles, as any other major stock exchange: it offers a platform for companies to raise capital to grow the business. However, there are two key differences between the traditional stock exchanges and AISBX namely

1.    AISBX enable small and medium size start-ups to get listed
2.    Under AISBX the investors have much higher transparency where the invested money is going, what is it used for, and it is democratizing the whole investment system.


AISBX wanted small and medium size companies to be empowered with the benefits of the public listing, cost effectively and timely by using our digital tools.

Investment through the AISBX gives investors the potential to much higher return of investment, as small businesses can grow higher and faster in terms of percentage growth in comparison with larger established companies.

How does the listing process work?

Start your process by contacting one of the AISBX team members for a brief consultation. Once AISBX has done its preliminary screening on the project we will follow the following three steps to get the applicant in the listing process.

1. Payment of the AISBX listing fee

2. Creation and/or verification of the investor material. AISBX team will assist in this process.

3. Creating a local entity for the listing purposes. AISBX team will assist in this process.

Once these three steps have been completed, AISBX will present your investment case to suitable investors.

How long is the listing process from start to finish?

For guideline purposes only, the listing process can take anywhere between 3-6 months to complete.

What investor material is needed by the applicant company?

The key investor material is a well prepared business plan. AISBX can provide templates to get started with for companies that don’t already have a business plan in place.

Is AISBX licenced and regulated?

AISBX operates under the license, regulation and supervision the AFSA (Astana Financial Services Authority), which is an independent regulator of financial services and related activities in the AIFC (Astana International Financial Centre).

Is there a minimum level for fund raising?

AISBX have no fixed lower or upper limit for fundraising.

How the companies are selected/allowed to participate?

Your business must be a legal entity (a Registered Company). 

•    The shares you are willing to sell should not be less than 10% of the Company’s equity. 

•    As the Business Owner, you must be transparent to your investors, before and after they invest in your company. 

•    Your business must be legitimate, with a valid business model, growth plan and appropriate management and employees. 

What is the qualifying criteria for the applicant?

We also consider a number of other factors when reviewing a company’s application, including (but not limited to):

•    Customer base 
and demographics
•    Revenue 

•    Business plan 

•    Advisors (CPA, Accountants, Legal, Business Experts) 

•    Website quality 

•    Brand identity 

•    User and Customer Engagement 

•    Experience of Founders and Management Team 

•    Products, Services and Market Sector 

•    Fundraising Needs 

•    Offering Terms 

•    Financial Health 

How is the documentation of proof provided in the AISBX system?

The applicant needs to use documents verified by certified local lawyer/accountant regarding legal standing and declared assets.

The required documents can then be uploaded to the Applicants online account electronically.

What are the company’s obligations after the listing is completed?

One of the cornerstones to be listed in AISBX is transparency, not only before getting the investment money like in the traditional stock exchange, but an on-going and real-time transparency for each and every investor with commitment to communicate with the investors, answer inquiries, get help and network connections from the investors, and listen to the advisors.

AISBX is asking every listed company to provide monthly reports of the company’s business performance from the perspective of the company’s financial health and use of funds, business development, milestones and agreed goals with the investor.

Once a year the listed company will need to supply an annual report which is more detailed and in depth report compared with the monthly reports.

What are the benefits of AISBX for Companies?
  • Stay in Control

  • Retain control of your company. You decide how many shares you sell and when.

  • Receive Mentoring

  • AISBX is working together with the company’s team members and advisors in order to prepare each company for public listing. At each step in the listing process we offer feedback to improve the Company’s offering documents.

  • Concentrate on your Business

  • Raising capital for your Company can be a time consuming and distracting process. AISBX simplifies the process and allows you to concentrate on growing your business while AISBX contact and engage institutional investors, VC’s, strategic investors and private investors.

  • Flexible Fundraising

  • Companies may list via AISBX with a business concept, or with years of operation. Companies are able to raise any amount they deem necessary, without any lower or upper limits.

  • Crowd Assistance

  • On AISBX the experience of an international pool of Verified Investors is at your disposal. The crowd that funded your company, is available to assist with business challenges that may arise in the future.
What are the benefits for the investors?

•    We accept investors of any size, only from countries that alow investors to invest in such a platform and nature.. You decide how many shares you purchase.
Investment Liquidity

•    Shares trade freely on the market. You decide when to buy or sell. Invest for the long term or the short term.
Low Investment Fees

•    All Investor accounts are free to open and maintain. Pay no fees when you purchase IPO shares of a Company. Pay a low 1.5% commission on other trades.
Ownership Equity in All Companies

•    You purchase shares directly in the public Companies. You control your Trading Account. You become a registered shareholder of the Listed Company.

Can AISBX guarantee that my company will get investment?

There are no guarantees provided by AISBX or the investors involved. You run the risk of losing the listing fees in case there is no investment.

What happens if the fundraising for my company is not successful?

The initial two months after the company have completed the registration process with AISBX is reserved for private discussion with preapproved investors to present your investment case.

In case these conversations don't yield an investment offer, the company will be placed on the public exchange with the view to raise the funding from other AISBX investors through the platform. The annual listing fee entitles the company to be listed for one year, therefore the company can get funded at any point throughout the year.

Can increase the number of listed shares after a successful listing later on and how long will it take?

Increased listing will create another auditing process from AISBX point of view, which can take about two to three weeks. The cost of additional round is the same as the cost of the first round listing.

What is the process for de-listing from AOSBX if that becomes necessary?

In case the client company was not able to raise any funding from investors the company can simply delete their account from AISBX.

When the company has small number of investors, the client company can agree to buy out the shares from their investors at a mutually agreeable price and then delist the company.

If the client company have large number of investors AISBX can facilitate a process whereby the client company can make an offer to buy all the shares from the investors. In case more than 80% of the investors agree to this purchase price it is deemed a binding offer for every investor and the each investor is obliged sell their shares at the offered price.

What is the role of AISBX?

The AISBX serves as a platform for the trading of listed securities, clearing house, securities depository and securities registrar.

Are AISBX companies audited?

Unlike the traditional exchanges that have very heavy auditing procedures it is not practical to require small businesses to follow the same standard where the auditing fee is more that the value of the business.

As we like to simplify things the key is to keep the auditing process simple, direct and accessible. More old school arithmetic and less sophisticated neo financial market’s so called tools. We do require auditing but unlike traditional exchanges we trust local auditor community and accept their auditing as long as it fits the international standards and common sense.

What is the dividend policy at AISBX?

AISXB policy is to enforce companies to adopt a immediate dividend policy as a mechanism yield return for investors, provided that any dividend payments will not impair company’s ability to run the business in a sustainable manner. For example, companies that have posted negative cash flows for the previous years from in their operation are encouraged not to pay out high cash dividends.