How to register and why

The registration process has multiple steps. The step is to provide the necessary info we must have for compliance, KYC, AML and eligibility validation. If your business pass this stage, we move to the second stage where you provide accounting and legal documents for evaluation by our team. Once you pass this stage, our team will work with you remotely to prepare the investment deck, business plan, presentation etc.
Apply by submitting basic details about your business, yourself, the amount of funds needed and what for.
FREE 5,000 $

In order to evaluate if your small business is suitable to raise funds via SBSE, we will need to get from you a short description about yourself, your business products, services, history, potential and basic financial facts. Base on this information we decide to approve -or not- companies to go ahead to the next staps.

KYC service is used for fact checks, compliance and regulations such as AML& Suitability ( being right & appropriate for fund raising)
150$ / one time
This process will expect you to provide full disclosure of your business and background in order to get a legal and financial clearance to go ahead for the next step.
Working together with our legal, finance, marketing and compliance team to get your investment deack, pitch, financial and legal disclosure ready for investors.
500 5000

Investors need to feel comfortable with every aspect of your business: legal status, financial history and business plan, you and your team ability to get bigger, your product and services, your existing and potential. risks, competition and strategy. Our professional team will walk you through all the details, but will need a lot of your remote communication, preparation and attention time. Good business with poor presentation will not be able to attract investors, so it must be done proper and attractive.

The SBSE funding process starts with and IPO (initial public offering), and only after that the secondary public market trading can start
5% + $5,000 10%

At this stage and after we match and investment to your business, we charge the original $5,000 listing fees that has been waived + 5% from the total amount raised by the IPO.

Once the stokes get to the secondary market and start trading, we charge 0.5% from every transaction.